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Are you on the fence about who to trust with your online presence?

Here’s why choosing us to build your landing page or website is a no-brainer:

We like to start our clients with what we call a Landing Squeeze Page:

Squeeze pages are used as entry points in online marketing campaigns. It is designed to collect email addresses from visitors and potential customers and direct back to your main website.

And, if you don't have a Website, you can use this Landing Page as your website and develop more webpages as you go along.

These pages help capture leads and allow businesses to reach out to your company.

(Defined on Google Search Engine).

  • Expertise: With years of experience in website design, we know what works and what doesn’t. You can trust us to create a stunning, effective online presence for your business.
  • Customization: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create a customized landing page or website that reflects your brand.
  • Attention to Detail: From layout and navigation to color scheme and typography, we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. Every element of your landing page or website will be carefully crafted to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Optimization: We don’t just build websites; we build websites that perform. Your landing page or website will be optimized for search engines (SEO with added keywords), mobile devices, and user engagement, giving you the best possible chance of success online.
  • Affordability: Quality shouldn’t break the bank. We offer competitive pricing and flexible payment plans to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level?

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How it works


It's Coach McCoy,

Nice to virtually "meet" you.

I live off passive income thanks to affiliate marketing of software products and freelance services.

My business is simple:

I help people choose the best software for their online business, online course, membership, funnels, email marketing and recommend the one that suits their requirements and budget.

I affiliate dozens of software tools and therefore can recommend whatever is best for my clients.

In some cases, my clients also need or want additional help with setting up their tech side.

So hiring me to do the tech side is the freelance aspect of my business.

This 1:1 service is a done-with-you service.

WIX, Systeme, GoDaddy, CANVA, Adobe Photoshop and InVideo are the primary software tools I specialize in setting up platforms.

My service is non-conventional.

I don't do the traditional DFY (Done-For-You) services on my own, i.e. with typical hiring a freelancer.

This is how it usually goes with that DFY model:

you give them the project,

they do it, and give it back to you.

You get the draft,

you go back and forth, etc.

This can literally drag on for months.

And by the end of it, even if you get a good result,

you still don't know how to use the software,

and you are left hostage to the technology or the next tech person you need to hire.

Websites and online businesses don't stay the same.

You need to add testimonials, tweak the copy, replace images, add pages, add video content, etc.

No problem having someone else do it, but you should have familiarity with what's going on.

Otherwise you're blind and it will come back to bite you.

To solve that, what I do get the job done AND teaches you at the same time.

Here is how it goes.

I get on a Streamyard consultation with you for a session of 1-2 hours.

We brainstorm what you want to get done and outline the full strategy,

sequence of the pages,

copywriting if you need help with that,

design of the pages, etc and all that stuff.

We login to the account that I have created for you.

I share my screen with you, and actually implement everything we just discussed and do it for you, but with you.

That way you can see what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and we can get the project done together.

This way you also save time getting it done,

but you also learn from the process so you can continue and grow your website and pages on your own.

I am very fast with setting things up with these platforms and can get you set up in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

The more content you have prepared the faster it can be.

And if you don't have content prepared, we can create that for you as well.

My speed record is getting a membership set up in 1 hour and 20 minutes...

It can literally be that fast.

But every project is completely different.

I sell these packages by the session:

1 session = $399,

2 sessions = $599,

4 sessions = $999,

What you will find on this page:


I've build websites for a lot of people.

And I summarized every question that has come up in conversations.

Hopefully, I didn't miss anything.

But in case you go through it, and still have a question, email me @!

That will help me not only answer your question/s personally, but grow a FAQ section so others who read this page can get the info.


If you're feeling a bit shaky about making payment still even after reading about this software, I'm happy to jump on a discovery call with you.



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Felicia C. McCoy also proudly introduces "The Coach McCoy," my coaching persona dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses in the digital realm.

With a wealth of experience and a passion for guiding others towards success, The Coach McCoy offers personalized coaching and consultancy services to help clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital media and marketing.

The Coach McCoy is your trusted partner on the path to success.

The Coach McCoy combines over 25 years of digital media, marketing, and entrepreneurship expertise to offer personalized coaching and consultancy services.

Whether through group workshops or 1-on-1 sessions, The Coach McCoy tailored guidance empowers clients to excel in digital and technical marketing, enhancing their online presence and sharpening their skills for success in today's competitive landscape.

With a passion for fostering connections and guiding individuals and businesses towards their full potential, The Coach McCoy is your partner in navigating the complexities of the digital age.

Book you discovery call today and take the next step towards achieving your goals with confidence.


Don't believe me, believe them:

BG Promotions and its owner are of excellent character. Everything from the

communication to the dedication is absolutely top tier. This brand is simply


Keisa Talley

Founder and CEO of Lyfestylz Plus

BG is a true professional and knowledge about her business field. She offers gems and resources all new and vet business owners need.

Danyelle Brewer

Creative Producer of Mad About Dany

Ms. McCoy is a very motivated, dedicated, and caring person. She is quick to provide assistance when needed, helps anyone in need and is a great mentor that. I have so much respect for!

Charlene McCray

Founder and CEO of On Me Selfies

Felicia "BG" McCoy is creatively amazing. I have several businesses that I entrust. Felicia to manage the marketing and she always exceeds my expectation. My sales have increased and my social media presence is growing.

Donnis McCoy

Founder and CEO of DM Wealth Strategist

I have known Felicia for over 20 years and she’s one of the hardest working people I know. She has a true passion for helping people brand and market their business. She’s a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Promotions and Marketing Guru!!!

Robin Dillard

Just officially meeting you for the first time a few months ago but I knew your name. It was an instant connection and vibe! Our one day interaction has caused a

lifetime work and personal relationship.

Tanya Greene

Founder and CEO of Auntie Al's Carolina De-lish

I have known BG McCoy since she started. She has been loyal, dedicated, devoted, and determined to succeed. She has encouraged and built others in their endeavors to build their Brand as she pursued her own.

Jeannine Leftridge

Felicia McCoy is one of the most caring, hardworking, compassionate, and

amazing people I know. Her heart is true and her loyalty and dedication is real! She genuinely loves and is genuinely loved by many!

Faith Williams

Felicia has very high morals, she strives for excellence in all her endeavors. She is

professional yet courteous and stands by her word. She has a heart of gold.

Mia Allison

WOW….there is so much that can be said. BG is the hardest working person I know. A person who is very trustworthy, respectful, and kind. A person I love to


Santoinette Baker

Felicia is a hard worker and trustworthy. I have trusted with my business and thus far I am not disappointed.

Christina Walker

A wonderful loving caring and honest person.

Kiana Stafford

I learned more about marketing strategies today then I did paying a coach $750 from Felicia BG McCoy. Unbelievable a Hidden Gem! She has an oustanding company.

Kareema Ali Bowens

Very professional and very proud of you. Keep it up Smiley !

Keesha Jackson

All I see is G.O.A.T.ness

Robin Bonner

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